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If you can't afford to spend on expensive therapy, how can you confidently help your child yourself, or within your own means? 

How do you know if you're doing the practice activities your Speech and Language Therapist set for your child correctly? 

How should you advise and train your carer or nanny on any special care needed for your child?

A friendly community to affirm and encourage you
A place to feel included, to learn and grow - at your own pace

What if you're not sure how to create a learning plan just for your child? 

You've heard so many ideas online, and from your in-laws, but how do you know if what they recommend is really going to help? 

I have dedicated my life's work to giving practical support to children with additional needs and their parents, and to their schools. 
I've seen little ones (and bigger ones!) overcome communication difficulties in so many different cultural and family contexts. 
I live in Dubai now, and do enjoy the hot weather - since I was born in Madras, Chennai - it feels familiar, like home. I still struggle with the climate in England whenever I visit!
On this website I break down and share my personal learnings, guidance and insights into how to use Speech & Language Therapy, to help parents and carers of children with communication difficulties. 
You are welcome in this little community. We're all in this together, and I hope you'll find the articles helpful. 
I hope you feel comforted that there is indeed support and guidance for you to find a way forward and overcome the struggles you and your child may be facing. 
- Margi

After Speech Therapy with Margi:

"Margi is my favourite! I miss her so much!"

—  Kai, 5 years.

After Speech Therapy with Margi

for Selective Mutism 

Eddie still remembers you! We often think of you Margi... last week in particular as he had a part in the school play, and he was loud, clear and funny!

—  Maria, Mother

If you're new here, I've shared lots of useful free information to get started with. It's a good idea to get a feel for my philosophy and style, by exploring the blog (guidance below). 
If you have a pressing question or need you want to ask, you can email me at
Or, if you are already familiar with my work and ethos, and are really looking for a safe community to be a part of, you might like to explore becoming a member of the Learning Orchard. 

Before you dive in...

I have been writing posts for parents, answering their questions and discussing important matters on special needs for our community on this website since 2015. That means there's lots of information on this website by now!
You can find all the posts over on the blog, but please don't feel overwhelmed by all that you find. You can use the search function to find anything on a key word you are looking for, or you can reach out to me at if you feel really lost. 

Once you've settled in and explored, feel free to subscribe to be on my mailing list. You'll get fortnightly-ish updates and new articles whenever I've released new ones. 

Enjoy exploring, and welcome again! 

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