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​Hello, and welcome to my special space for supporting parents of children with speech, language and communication related issues.


I warmly welcome you to our caring community. By being here, you are joining our conversation to empower your child and yourself as a parent to overcome communication difficulties together, on your own terms. 

There is wisdom in seeking guidance for your own child from different sources and balancing this with your own sense of what will work. This is a safe space to explore and find the things that work for you as a family. 


I believe that each child really does need something special, something unique, and one size does not fit all.


That's why it's so important  for you to ask your own questions, and find a way forward that suits you: the same advice may not apply for someone else, even if they have the exact same condition as your child. 

I firmly believe that YOU are the best person, as a parent, to help your child overcome speech and language problems.

I draw from my personal experiences of navigating motherhood, raising children, juggling a full-time career, marriage, travel, cultural diversity and so much more in writing my articles.


The advice I give is from seeing what works and doesn't work over the years, and is reflected  in the courses I produce. It is also strongly founded in my professional knowledge and training. 

I qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 1969 from the Kingdon-Ward School of Speech Therapy / University College London.

I am one of the earliest members of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists and the HCPC:UK.


I actively continue my professional membership which requires updating my skills and knowledge, and am passionate in learning new things and techniques! Speech Therapy has evolved a very long way over the years, and I love being part of that. 


I began my career in Ethiopia in the 70's, with literacy as a focus, till the Emperor Haile Salassi was assassinated. Then in Pakistan, I have had the privilege to use my professional skills there with people of all ages, and even helped set up a couple of schools, one for Learning Disabilities, and one for Hearing Impaired, with a Centre to which people from all over Pakistan came for help.

I have also worked for many years in UK in the national Health service, as a Manager of services for schools and centres. For a brief time I used my skills in China too.  Now that I live in Dubai, the whole world is represented in the children I help! And I have the privilege of being the Governor for Inclusion in a prestigious School here.

I am delighted to be able to write regular articles and share handy tips to help you to better address your child's speech and language needs. 

So - Welcome! I hope you'll feel comforted by being here! You are certainly not alone in looking for the very best for your child.  


Warmest wishes,

Margaret J. Kulsoom Orchard



Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

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