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All parents and carers of children with communication difficulties are all welcome to take rest under the shade of Margi's Learning Orchard


Margi's Learning Orchard is a safe, supportive space for parents and carers to share, support and learn from each other without judgment or pressure


Margi provides her direct attention to provide timely, helpful guidance to parents in this community. No matter what the language communication difficulty or struggle, Margi personally monitors and nurtures the forum to ensure all members get the responses they need.

Zoom Q&A Calls

Along with access to Margi's best resources, handouts, worksheets, workshop content, you can also join in with Margi's regular Q&A calls for parents on the group

Personal Requests

Members of the platform get to send Margi personal requests for speech, language and communication article topics and webinar workshop themes

Personalised Training

Members can request specialised training on TalkTools or any other kind of topic that will help support your children's growth and development

We will be opening Margi's Learning Orchard soon!


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