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3 ways to develop a strong bond with your child and school

Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

As children grow, they gain strength in understanding their own role in relationships with their parents, their peers, their teachers and others in their environment.

What is really empowering for your children, is when they are able to take responsibility for their own relationship between school and parents. However, it is vitally important to maintain a link and a connection yourself between your child and school. Here are three ways to develop a strong, positive bond between your child and school:

1. Be positive about what your child does or says

The child, even from quite young, has strong ideas about the way he or she feels about school. These should be expressed, and the adults around him or her are influential in helping him or her to way.As we all know, we can look at a glass with some water in it as half full or half empty! Life is so much more fun and positive when we see abundance in the glass.

2. Discuss and be present during homework time with your child

The student can play his or her part in with his parents. It is often easier to just say, when asked how his day went ‘Fine!’, and get no further information.

When children keep their life at school and their life at home very separate, this is partly about them learning about themselves and being independent human beings. However, it is important that their two ‘lives’ are integrated and coordinated!

Children need to be confident about the link between their school and parents and themselves – and do so best when their parents and school are communicating well.

The student needs to know that both school and parents care a lot about how he or she is doing and want him or her to succeed. But also to know that he or she is responsible for that success and for what he or she really wants to do in life.

3. Help organise your child’s life and studies - with them!

The student who is best organised is often the one who succeeds best. Specific help needs to be given by both parents and school in helping all children, especially boys, to organise themselves and their work.

Research and experience shows that girls tend to do better at school and in exams, and one of the biggest factors is that boys are less organised about their studies than girls.

This goes along with the known fact that girls tend to be quicker in learning to talk, and in using language to communicate.

Help your child to make a calendar plan with time allocated for study, rest, and of course – fun! Ensure your child can see visually what they’ll be doing each week and organising their time around studies will become much easier throughout the school year.

Final thoughts

The triangle of school, parents and students is particularly important when a child has additional support needs. Instead of the triangle with equal sides, the child’s side is weaker and smaller, and needs to take more strength from the longer sides.

The three aspects above all need constant daily input from both parents and school, to develop good habits in the child with additional needs. There are a lot of extra ideas for how this can be done with our special children – I look forward to sharing some of these in future posts.

Warmly yours,


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