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What’s special about giving kefir to our children (and ourselves)?

Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

Long ago, the skin bags that hung in the doorways of farmer’s homes would be knocked against each time someone entered. These bags contained milk liquid, that mixed well each time they were bumped into. Families would drink from this each day.

In Turkey and in Russia, thousands of years ago, shepherds and farmers had found the secret of health-giving kefir (a Turkish word). Among other names, this drink was known as the ‘Grains of the Prophet’, because all those years ago, the Prophet Muhammed too discovered the benefits of this special yogurt-like drink.

Kefir is an incredibly beneficial probiotic (rich in good bacteria) food, which I only discovered myself recently. I have come to believe that kefir should be a staple of any mother’s food plan for her children - and herself and hubby.

Recently I have been increasingly fascinated and aware of the link between children’s learning and their nutrition. It is vitally important to provide our children with the right support for their bodies, so that they can learn and thrive in their childhood and beyond. I believe that kefir is one of those things that should be a regular, staple part of our children’s diets.

Even for children with lactose intolerance, kefir has been found not to trigger any intolerance, because the lactose is transformed by the fermentation. You can use most other milks to make this drink, such as camel / goat / sheep milk. You can even use coconut milk or other substitutes, or just water!

Incidentally, I have been reading about a research in progress here in UAE that is finding a positive benefit in using camel milk for children with Autism, which I shall write about soon.

Lots of mothers and friends often ask me how to make kefir, and so I have written another post outlining the steps I go through. I hope it helps!

Here's the full link to the 'How I make Kefir' post:

You can also buy it in supermarkets here in UAE imported from Iran and USA, in case you want to buy ready made options.




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