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What should I do with my extra kefir seeds?

Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

Help! I have too many kefir seeds! This happened to me recently after I've been in the habit of making kefir. Here's what I learned about what to do with the extra seeds you've cultivated:

How to store and keep your surplus kefir seeds:

Simply put the excess seeds into a glass jar that has a secure lid or screw top:

Put a little milk over to cover them (like a blanket) so that they don't die:

Screw the lid on TIGHTLY!

Pop them in the fridge to keep cool, and they can live as long as you keep feeding them, by straining off the old milk and replacing with fresh milk each week.

Or, as my good friend Nisa suggested, you can:

1) feed your plants with the extra seeds

2) use them like cottage cheese on top of salads

3) liquidise them with the rest of the kefir milk

I am sure there are many other creative uses! Let me know if you have any.

Better still, share them with a friend and encourage them to start cultivating their own kefir for their families! You will soon grow more.

Nisa gave me some additional facts that should get us all rushing to get our kefir habits prioritised. Kefir is a brilliant thing to include in your child's nutrition and diet. Lab tests show that kefir has 30 - 50 strains of good bacteria, and it is a good source of protein, calcium and B vitamins. Kefir is stronger than other probiotic foods such as yogurt.

Kefir has been shown to help children with IBS and Crohns disease, and children who have food intolerances, by helping their digestion.

I strongly encourage you to get the kefir habit - or keep going with this habit if you are already a kefir 'brewer'!



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