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Great questions from my free webinars!

It was great to hold these free webinars over the past week, where I took the subject of how to get the best possible help from your child’s School (or Clinic / Centre).

There are three points or angles to this, as in the triangle that I used to describe the inter-relating relationship that parents, school and student have.

The first needs to be in making sure that the school knows you and your child.

Out of all the children in the class / school, your school staff need to be particularly aware of your child – no hiding away or being unobtrusive – or you will not get the help you need.

Second – you need to give a clear picture of your child’s special qualities.

Focus on the positive and the ‘can-do’s’ – but make sure school also know what he finds hard.

Third – Take the challenge!

You need to be fully knowledgeable about your child’s condition, as well as fully acquainted with the school and government systems for recording and supporting children with additional needs (here called ‘Students of Determination’).

You, as a parent, are the one who can make sure that the Individual Education Plan (IEP) is good for your child, realistic, covering all his lessons and other things like behaviour and social skills, with input from all his teachers.

You are the best one to match up what the Assessment information says about your child, with what is being expected in school.

And you are the best one, having modelled the lovely positive interactions you have with school, to help your child follow the three-point pattern:

Get to know your school staff

Make friends

Face your challenges

Thus, the triangular relationship between you, school and your child will be successful and you will get the support and help your child needs.

In both of our meetings, we followed the webinar with some really interesting questions, and Sumbella, my daughter, who moderated the meeting for us, made her own notes – a couple of them attached here for your interest:

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