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Three things to help us keep strong and not give up in this quest to support ourselves and our child

Fostering growth, in my baby tomatoes.

I have just started growing tomatoes on my balcony. Each morning, I revel in the joy of seeing the new little tomato plants growing. I tend them, take out the weeds, water and nourish them.

I feel that likewise, in our child or in ourselves, when our challenge is gradually taking effect, we need to welcome each tiny step – and don’t forget to celebrate often and reward the effort of our little tomatoes!

Here are three things I recommend doing to help keep strong, and keep growing ourselves and our children:

1. Review: Check our long-term goal for ourselves or our child against what we are doing to achieve it.

Tease out the different things that we have taken on that we hope will contribute to reaching that goal. Have we got sidetracked or are we still on target?

Let’s look at the life ‘signposts’.

2. Visualise: see ourselves and our child when that destination is reached.

What do we want to see as our destination? Let’s make sure it is really what we want and what will be good for us and our child. Look forward and keep that image in your mind when you start making plans in the here and now.

3. Put the ‘practicals’ in place.

There may need to be radical changes in order to achieve our goal. Visualise what the process will involve, as well as how amazing the final product will be.

Think carefully of the practical stuff: timings, equipment, diet changes, extra games or rewards, planning treats, as well as the actual tuition and commitment to practice that will be needed.

These are simple things but done thoroughly, they can have a profound effect on the way you and your children grow.

Cheering you all onwards!

Best wishes


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