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What can we learn from devastating pain?

I felt compelled to write this post after a hauntingly sad incident that happened this week.

I have not been able to get out of my thoughts the past few days the tragic story of a man whose wee son was killed, when his father accidentally fell on him.

The incident was filmed while they were obviously enjoying family time together.

The thought of that Father’s heart and the devastation he will always feel is what haunts me.

The little one is at peace, but the father never will never be….

How hard it is to make sense of things in life sometimes. Having a faith in our Creator who describes Himself as ‘Merciful’ doesn’t seem to compute at those times.

And yet, when we look at the other side, and see what blessings some of those things have given us, and how much we learn and grow as people, there can be a thankfulness that is so much deeper than what we have when we just have everything easily.

I also heard the other day about a friend's Down's teenager, who had a number of serious associated problems, who died last week.

Her short life had demanded every ounce of focus, love and care from her parents and when she died, one would think that her parents would feel a sense of relief and could find some peace in knowing she was now without suffering and happy with her Creator.

But her parents were deeply grieving, and felt hugely the deep impact of this little girl, who they said, had brought nothing but joy into their lives! God will bring relief to them, I am sure, but also has changed them for ever and for good by having this special daughter.

No - this is not a trite thought that makes light of tragedy - it comes from the wounds of hearts that are writhing under their pain - but there is healing and joy even in that. Truly.


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