Eyes smile, you smile!

In various meetings recently, which have been physical - and therefore all masked up - I have been noting how greetings have changed – apart from the fist elbows, finger bumps!

But one thing has not changed – and that is our smiles!

I love that we can look at each other’s eyes and tell if we are smiling – even if we cannot see the lips. And those eye-smiles are often even more revealing than the lip smiles that did not reach the eyes – or the heart!

One of my colleagues has a cosmetics business – and was telling me yesterday that their business has completely shifted from its previous main items of lip makeup, to Eye makeup now, because of masks! False Eye lashes, colourful blushes and shadows, all sorts of mascara, are in demand! Such creativity all for the eyes!

But even without the eye make-up, eyes say so much – and perhaps we are expressing more of our hearts through our eyes nowadays.

I hope you are having a good end of year with your families – and starting to look towards the new year, which insha Allah will see things improving and easing up for everybody.

I am looking forward to doing an online planning retreat that my daughter Sumbella is running. I hope to review the past year, which has been so momentous for everyone, and think about my priorities for next year. You too can join her – and me – if you are interested – and if you are a female, as it is for ladies only! There is some more information about it here.

One of my goals next year is to nurture the Learning Orchard so that it is robust and serving the members well, so that families with children who have additional support needs can find some of those needs met through the strength of our group.

Last week I welcomed those who wanted to be with me on the Learning Orchard as a Founding Member, and we now are a small (and mighty!) group of parents with whom I am looking forward to nurturing this initiative with over the coming weeks.

I shall so look forward to being in touch again before the new Year – and in the meantime – keep smiling – with your eyes and heart!





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